Ptuj – where you smell the history strolling through its streets

Ptuj, situated in Eastern Slovenia, is the oldest town of the country whose history dates back to the Stone Age. Many civilizations settled down the region because of its unique location. And they left fascinating works of art behind them.

Kurentovanje in Ptuj

Slovenia Square, where the Town Tower stands is a good start for sightseeing tour. Besides you can find tourism information office.

If you are interested in the Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance periods, the Minorite Church, the Church of St.George must be visited to see architecture and art. Furthermore, the Mithra shires will exemplify for not only Roman history but also the period before a pre-Christian cult.

The town is also famous for carnivals, one of which is Kurentovanje, and is unique in Slovenia.

Before Easter, there is a tradition to wear masks differently both in Slovenia and Italy, and approximately 50 days before Easter, carnivals come about in these countries.

I was certainly lucky enough to attend the Kurent or Korent Carnival, which is an ancient Slavic pagan rite of spring and fertility. I love ancient rites, so I was in heaven during the eleven-day-event, which takes place in spring in honor of an ancient god of Hedonism, from which the name Kurent is believed to come .

Final preparations for the carnival started days before the spectaculars arrived at the place. That was because people listened to music and danced during the period. Multi-coloured and original masks worn by Kurent groups considering that was their most important annual event. The streets were filled with happy and noisy groups that they walked through the town by ringing their bells to scare the evil spirits. I got surprised when I saw them in sheep skin dress with ribbons and cow bells although I read about it before going to Putj and it was an unforgettable visual and ‘audio’ show. More over on Carnival Sunday, the groups from surrounding countries paraded. The most extraordinary thing, though, was parties where I could enjoyed the traditional Ptuj chicken with wonderful local wines.

I will never forget my visit to the Kurent or Korent Carnival. It was the most exciting experience of my life.

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