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Venice / VCE & TSF Airport

ljubljana to venice
Venice Airport Transfers

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Ljubljana to Venice private transfers from

Standard private transfer, 1-3 persons,  280,00€/vehicle
Standard private transfer, 4-8 persons,  360,00€/vehicle

We offer private transfers from Ljubljana to Venice / Venice airport. You can also order other way Venice to Ljubljana with us, as well as any other place in Slovenia.

Our tip:  On you private transfer from Ljubljana to Venice you can add Postojna cavePredjama castleLipica stud farmSkocjan caves parkPiran as your stopping points for sightseeing and combine your trip to best suits and to get most out of it

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Venice city
Venice is, probably, one of the most mysterious cities in the world.
You can discover something new at every visit in Venice. If you pay attention to details in every corner, you can see a trace on the image of the city. As well as the water through the channels, the mystery of the lagoon reveals all the time new aspects, new questions and new dreams.

Venice, the world’s only pedestrian city, is a delightful destination in northeastern Italy. Every year people from all over the world visit the city and leave promising themselves to come again the following year. Venice is a unique city. On the one hand Venetian Gothic style buildings and the channels, on the other, artistic activities, carnivals and film festivals. Ljubljana to Venice

The name Venice is derived from the ancient veneti people who inhabited the region by the 10th century B.C. Throughout time the place has got different names as Queen of the Adriatic, City of Bridges, City of Water, The Floating City, The City of Channels and finally it is described as being one of the world’s most romantic cities.

Venice is often threatened by flood from the Adriatic that is almost the same as it was six hundred years ago. The buildings in the city are constructed on a similar spaced wooden piles which are still intact after centuries of submersion. Ljubljana to Venice

While passing through the channel by water bus (vaporetto), at first sight the buildings seem to be floating on the water and be sure this cityscape is unique, you will be charmed so much that you will never want this trip to be end. What you notice secondly is the city’s windy alleys that leads you to the main squares. Venice posses the charming of discrepant architectural styles, as well as wonderful gardens.

Walking along the alleys is a different pleasure and you will find the opportunity for shopping if you indulge in doing. The shops are full of souvenirs which remind of the city. However, you will meet cookie shops where you can taste wonderful the golden oval-shaped cookies called baicoli or the others with almonds or pistachio nuts.

Venice is in vogue and this is not only because of its setting, but also its musical and artistic heritage. Venice is the world’s most significant and fascinating city of art. The Republic of Venice was a very important maritime power during the Middle ages and Renaissance and also a huge center of commerce, especially silk, grain and spice. Furthermore, the city played a fabulous role in artistic movements, especially the Renaissance period. And Venice is a city where Antonio Vivaldi was born.

Venice’s nightlife is exciting and diverse. Visitors can have a drink at bars or have seafood for dinner at distinguished restaurants accompanied by live music. Those who like to sing songs may join the youngsters who are cruising in motor boats. The nights are more beautiful with carnivals. The Carnival of Venice is held annually and associated with venetian masks. The Venice Biennale is the other one and it is the most important artistic event. One final thing, The Festa del Redentore held in mid July, and fireworks show during the feast is intriguing for the visitors.

The distance from Ljubljana to Venice is around 250 km.
The average cruise speed is 120 km/h.

Airport transfers to and from VENICE MARCO POLO and TREVISO AIRPORT

About Venice airport
Venice Marco Polo airport is the main airport in the region, and it is located around 8 km north of Venice, Italy, in Tessera, a frazione of the commune of Venice, close to Mestre.

The airport was named after the Venetian traveler Marco Polo. A modern terminal hosts all scheduled and charter flights, including some long-haul flights to the Middle East and North America.

About Treviso airport
Treviso Sant’Angelo airport is located in the Province of Treviso, Italy around 35 km from the city of Venice. Since 2007 the airport has a new terminal named Antonio Canova after a famous Italian artist. Some low cost companies operate on this airport (Wizzair, Ryanair, Easyjet).

The distance from Ljubljana to Venice airport is around 240 km and the journey takes 2h and 30min.
The average cruise speed is 120 km/h.


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